Want to make huge savings on your energy bills?

Renewable heating is no longer the alternative choice, it’s now the only choice if you are serious about an efficient, reliable, cost effective heating solution for your home that can help save up to 70% on your existing energy bills.

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Why Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy has a wide range of benefits that make it the obvious choice for any new builds, renovations or upgrades including:

Save Money

Everyone loves to save money and renewable energy provides the opportunity to make big savings over more traditional energy options.

More Efficient

Using Renewable energy will significantly increase your homes energy efficiency leading to an increased BER rating which will see your home rise in value.

Greener Energy

Renewable energy is clean energy and will greatly lower your carbon footprint meaning that it’s much better for you and your local environment.

Why Horgan Renewables?

The Horgan family have been supplying, installing and servicing heating and plumbing systems for domestic households and commercial businesses since Con Horgan started the business in the 70’s. Now his sons Pat and Donal have continued the family tradition while ensuring that they are constantly keeping abreast of new developments in the industry as new technology allows for greener, cleaner and more cost effective forms of renewable energy. After four decades in business the Horgan’s have built a reputation for being experts in their field while providing outstanding customer service, but don’t just take our word for it…

At Kostal Ireland we have worked with Horgan’s for over a quarter of a century and have always been very happy with the quality and efficiency of their service. I would have no hesitation recommending them.
Pat Houlihan, KOSTAL Ireland GmbH

I got to know of Horgan Renewables through my work in Accord, Newcastle West. They did all the work in the church and the Accord Centre. They have an excellent reputation for doing quality work. We were having problems with our boilers and the heating system in the school for months getting air locked etc. I invited them to carry out an examination of our heating system and they solved our problems in a couple hours. That was over 3 years ago and the heating system was never going as well. I can recommend Horgan Renewables without reservation.
John O' Donovan Principal, St. Joseph's Secondary School, Ballybunion, Co. Kerry,

When we saw the cost savings over traditional heating systems we made the decision to go with with renewables for our new house. Horgan Renewables installed an air to water heat pump and underfloor heating with a heat recovery ventilation system and we were very happy with the work. With the savings we’ve made it was really a no brainer.
Philip Enright, Homeowner, Co. Cork

Horgan Renewables installed an underfloor heating system and air to water heat pump for us last winter. We were very pleased with the work. The system provides a lovely, natural warmth and has definitely saved us money on our heating bills.
James Daly, Homeowner, Co. Limerick

As a busy B&B having a warm house, hot water on demand while being cost effective is vital for us. Horgan Renewables did a retrofit of the building installing an air to water heat pump and a new cylinder. At any time we could have up to 14 guests requiring hot water for showers etc and since the retrofit we never have an issue and our hot water costs less than a euro per day. In fact some of our guests have even commented on the natural, comfortable heat throughout the house on our radiators and it has really helped to make things extra cosy for them.
Knight's Haven B&B, Glin, Co. Limerick

I was skeptical about solar panels given we don’t see the sun too often but since the lads from Horgan’s installed it I’m definitely a convert. Having hot water on demand makes such a difference and we have noticed the benefits in our pockets too!
Margaret McCarthy, Homeowner, Co. Kerry